My Google Pixel XL is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ September 23, 2017/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

The Google Pixel XL is the third smartphone to be my primary PC quite by happenstance. After updating to the August Security Patch, my Google Nexus 6P fell victim to the boot loop issue. This is when the Google Nexus 6P boots, but never gets past the Google Logo. The Android boot animation doesn’t shows up, and then the smartphone

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The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

Marc Bilodeau/ September 3, 2017/ Miscellaneous

I like anything about space and astronomy. Stargazing, telescopes, comets, and meteor showers always pique my interest. Although I’ve seen a lot of the night sky, the one event that I’ve been waiting to experience is a total solar eclipse. The last total solar eclipse within the United States was in 1979. Needless to say, the chances to see such a

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Audit the Day

Marc Bilodeau/ July 29, 2017/ Minimalism, Self Help

I’ve watched it a thousand times. Another day winding down as the sun sets. Each day, I embark on life with dreams, goals, and a list of TO-DOs. Yet, there is so much to do and too little time to do it. I use to think like this until I reached a breaking point. A point where I had to

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Romantic Relationships from an Analytical Mind

Marc Bilodeau/ May 29, 2017/ Health, Self Help

I approach everything using logic, reason, and an open-mind. Unfortunately, there is one weakness to this approach. It leaves emotions and feelings as secondary concerns. Life requires tough choices, and I believe that emotions and feelings can cloud one’s judgement when making rational and effective decisions. However, there are some things in life that simply won’t abide by logic and reason. One being romantic relationships. However, I’ve been

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Virtual Minimalism: Reducing Digital Clutter

Marc Bilodeau/ April 16, 2017/ Health, Minimalism, Self Help

Minimalism is consciously choosing to live with less so one may pursue a more meaningful life. However, an area often overlooked is our virtual life. A life filled with distractions from apps, emails, social media, and notifications. One’s vision of a minimal life does not necessarily mean it’s perfect for someone else. However at any level, reducing any physical, mental, or virtual burden means

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Termux, the best linux terminal for Android

Marc Bilodeau/ March 18, 2017/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

I’m a huge proponent of digital minimalism. It’s one of my long term goals to have all my tech gear within a single device. Fortunately, I accomplished this feat reasonably well using a Samsung Galaxy S4, then the Google Nexus 6P, and now the Google Pixel XL. However, once I found Termux it took my Smartphone Computing to a whole new level. It’s certainly been

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Self-Reflection instead of Resolutions

Marc Bilodeau/ January 7, 2017/ Health, Self Help

A new year, a time for renewal and change. Many people make New Year Resolutions, a promise to change a habit, to self-improvement. However, I prefer self-reflection. I believe it’s important to routinely take a moment and review personal milestones and core values. By definition, self-reflection is the act of examining introspectively. The willingness to learn more about how one behaves, their purpose in life, and essence. This isn’t

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A List of Life’s Simple Pleasures

Marc Bilodeau/ December 26, 2016/ Self Help

Have you ever heard the expression “You need to stop and smell the roses“? I’ve heard it many times, and each time I dismiss it as a cliche. However, its real meaning is simply a reminder to slow down, enjoy life, and be in the present. As simple as it sounds, I found it difficult to grasp. After some thought, I narrowed my

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Is Mindfulness Contagious? Can it be Shared?

Marc Bilodeau/ December 12, 2016/ Self Help

Is mindfulness contagious? Can someone share the present moment with a complete stranger whom they never saw or spoken to ever? Interesting questions. I am not an expert in mindfulness. Far from it. I’m merely a student that is willing to learn and eager to understand more. Last week, I looked across the street from my office window. I noticed a woman ice skating on the town’s seasonal ice skating rink.

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2016 Elections: Lessons I Learned from the Aftermath

Marc Bilodeau/ November 23, 2016/ Self Help

This post isn’t about the 2016 elections results or my personal political opinions. It’s about what I learned from the aftermath. I don’t consider myself a political person, nor am I passionate about the many issues others in the country care deeply about. In fact, I thank them for their efforts to talk about the issues and move us forward as a country regardless if I

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