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Romantic Relationships from an Analytical Mind

Marc Bilodeau/ May 29, 2017/ Health, Self Help

I approach everything using logic, reason, and an open-mind. Unfortunately, there is one weakness to this approach. It leaves emotions and feelings as secondary concerns. Life requires tough choices, and I believe that emotions and feelings can cloud one’s judgement when making rational and effective decisions. However, there are some things in life that simply won’t abide by logic and reason. One being romantic relationships. However, I’ve been

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Virtual Minimalism: Reducing Digital Clutter

Marc Bilodeau/ April 16, 2017/ Health, Minimalism, Self Help

Minimalism is consciously choosing to live with less so one may pursue a more meaningful life. However, an area often overlooked is our virtual life. A life filled with distractions from apps, emails, social media, and notifications. One’s vision of a minimal life does not necessarily mean it’s perfect for someone else. However at any level, reducing any physical, mental, or virtual burden means

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Self-Reflection instead of Resolutions

Marc Bilodeau/ January 7, 2017/ Health, Self Help

A new year, a time for renewal and change. Many people make New Year Resolutions, a promise to change a habit, to self-improvement. However, I prefer self-reflection. I believe it’s important to routinely take a moment and review personal milestones and core values. By definition, self-reflection is the act of examining introspectively. The willingness to learn more about how one behaves, their purpose in life, and essence. This isn’t

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6 concepts that make a better me

Marc Bilodeau/ October 23, 2016/ Health, Self Help

One of my favorite ways to learn is to listen to podcasts and read blogs about personal growth. Occasionally, there are some concepts that catch my attention and then my INTJ brain yearns to learn. Although some concepts are an interesting side read, sometimes I find myself comparing them against my own behaviors and views. Confirmation Bias Confirmation Bias is the tendency to

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I’m a Minimalist and practice my own Minimalism

Marc Bilodeau/ September 17, 2016/ Health, Minimalism, Self Help

I believe in minimalism. Yet I have family, friends, possessions, a house, a car, and other modern conveniences of life. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to some people. Everyone knows that minimalist own a few meager possessions, wear all white clothes, live in seclusion, and roam the world. Right? Not necessarily. Although some minimalists choose that lifestyle, the definition of minimalism varies from

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