A Life Lesson from a Breakfast Burrito

Marc Bilodeau/ November 12, 2016/ Self Help

After exercising my right to vote, I went to the Maine Diner for breakfast.  As I scanned the menu, my eyes quickly located one of my normal breakfast choices. With that minor dilemma out of the way, I was ready to order, eat, and move on with my day. But then, I realized that I always pick from the same handful of breakfast dishes.

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6 concepts that make a better me

Marc Bilodeau/ October 23, 2016/ Health, Self Help

One of my favorite ways to learn is to listen to podcasts and read blogs about personal growth. Occasionally, there are some concepts that catch my attention and then my INTJ brain yearns to learn. Although some concepts are an interesting side read, sometimes I find myself comparing them against my own behaviors and views. Confirmation Bias Confirmation Bias is the tendency to

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My Google Nexus 6P is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ October 8, 2016/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

After three years of successfully using my Samsung Galaxy S4 as my PC, it was time to upgrade. To save everyone the suspense, I chose the Google Nexus 6P. Why Upgrade? I did not take this decision lightly since my Samsung Galaxy S4 already did an excellent job at my daily computing needs. Alas, as good as it was, there were a few issues

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The Endless Pursuit of Self Improvement

Marc Bilodeau/ September 30, 2016/ Self Help

One of my favorite activities is self improvement. I like to experiment. I constantly try to find better ways to perform tasks, explore new ideas, and discover something I’ve never known before. Whether it’s minimizing my belongings, embarking on a new challenge, or optimizing something as simple as a morning routine makes me feel like I’m improving my life and myself. Mindless Doing

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ September 26, 2016/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

My Samsung Galaxy S4 is my PC, but this transition didn’t happen overnight. My journey began back in 2001. I remember sitting in my office dreaming of the day where my Motorola StarTAC mobile phone, Compaq Aero, office phone, and IBM ThinkPad were one handheld device. When I got my first smartphone in 2010, the Apple iPhone 3GS, I was hopeful that I could achieve my dream. I enthusiastically began to

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I’m a Minimalist and practice my own Minimalism

Marc Bilodeau/ September 17, 2016/ Health, Minimalism, Self Help

I believe in minimalism. Yet I have family, friends, possessions, a house, a car, and other modern conveniences of life. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to some people. Everyone knows that minimalist own a few meager possessions, wear all white clothes, live in seclusion, and roam the world. Right? Not necessarily. Although some minimalists choose that lifestyle, the definition of minimalism varies from

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Starting Something New and Exciting

Marc Bilodeau/ September 10, 2016/ Miscellaneous, Self Help

Starting something new can be exciting and a bit intimidating. First, your mind run rampant with excitement. A small inkling of interest grows into a spark of inspiration. Then motivation sets in and you decide to take the plunge. You’re ready to take on the world and you begin your plan of attack to embark on your new journey. With your head

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