Marc Bilodeau

My Personal Mission Statement

Continuously learn and explore;
Create something new;
Always improve myself;
Eliminate excess in my life;
Be my best at what I do;
Share what I know;

I’m Marc Bilodeau and I started this blog to become a better writer. However, it has evolved into a place where I share personal thoughts, experiences, and words of subjective wisdom. I am not an expert or certified in any of the subject matter. However, I hope that my experiences and thoughts may help others by invoking internal thinking, or inspire others to try new things.

My personal mission statement says it all. My goal is to be the best gosh darn me I can, and answer the question, “Who is Marc?”. However, if you’re curious about me professionally, my LinkedIn profile summarizes it nicely.

To me, it’s about creating something new and finding happiness in what you love and what you do. There are many different things I’ve tried over the years. Many of them were on a whim that faded into history, but some of those things have grown into something more.  Now, they are a part of me and continue to shape who I am. Furthermore, I’m very passionate about my hobbies which include self improvement, running, healthy living, tiny houses and home automation, Esperanto, beautiful data, writing code, and minimalism.

Overall, my hopes are to help others learn and discover themselves and to try new things in life. Achievement is one of the greatest human virtues, and to not try is one of the greatest tragedies.

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