Me, Myself, Marc, and I!

Hello! I’m Marc Bilodeau and this is my website. It contains a collection of thoughts, projects, hobbies, and words of subjective wisdom that I’ve picked up along the way.

This website exists to self document projects, write inner thoughts, and share subjective words of wisdom. Above all to become a better writer. I do not claim to be an expert on anything that I write, but I write hoping that it will help others, invoke internal thought, or inspire mindful contemplation.

I’m always looking at ways to improve myself and learn new things through reading, writing, listening, and experience.

“Marc, what do you do?”

This question is commonly asked when people talk to each other. What they are really asking is “what do you do for a living?”. For the curious, here is my LinkedIn Profile. That summarizes my professional career nicely.

But what I do is be the best me I possible can. I experiment, I try (and fail a lot), and I’ve learned a lot of skills along the way. I encourage everyone to do the same. In my opinion, experiencing life is more valuable then anything that can be bought.

Projects and Endeavors

In life we embark on different projects and endeavors hoping to find new and exciting hobbies that spark our interests and possibly become life long passions.

There are many different things I’ve tried over the years. Many of them were spurs of the moments that faded into history, but some of those things have grown into something more and become part of me and are continuing to shape who I am.

  • –  FitTrend is a health and fitness journal that tracks workouts, weight, sleeping patterns, goals, upcoming events, notes, and more. FitTrend takes advantage of the latest technology and personal gadgets and brings them together into a one stop shop for all those awesome health metrics! Your journal shows you all your health activity for the month.
  • – The goal of this project is to build a fully functional, off-grid, smart tiny house on wheels. I’m writing blogs related to research, post videos of the building process, and details of the home automation systems. I want to share my experience to help others fulfill their dreams of tiny home.

Life is a Journey

There is a lot of life behind me, but more importantly there is a lot ahead of me hopefully. I live each day as best I can so I will never look back and wish I could start there again. Keep moving forward and know whatever happens you will be ok.