Hello, I’m Marc and welcome! I started this website to become a better writer. However, it has become a fun project where I share thoughts, projects, hobbies, and words of subjective wisdom.

I do not claim to be an expert on anything that I write, but I write hoping that my opinions and research help other people, invoke internal thought, or inspire mindful contemplation. I’m always looking to improve myself and learn.

Marc, what do you do?

I do a lot of things. Overall, I’m a student of life, striver of knowledge, experimenter with self-improvement. I hope to be the best gosh darn me I can. However, if you’re wondering what I do professionally, my LinkedIn Profile summarizes my career nicely.

There are many different things I’ve tried over the years. Many of them were on a whim that faded into history, but some of those things have grown into something more. They became part of me, and continue to shape who I am.

Most of my bigger projects center around things that I’m very passionate about such as fitness, beautiful data, and minimalism. If curious, the following websites were born from those passions:

  • FitTrend.com –  FitTrend is a health and fitness journal that tracks workouts, weight, sleeping patterns, goals, upcoming events, notes, and more. FitTrend takes advantage of the latest technology and personal gadgets and brings them together into a one stop shop for all those awesome health metrics! Your journal shows you all your health activity for the month.
  • marcbilodeau.com – Do I really need to repeat everything on this page?
  • plixer.com – I am a co-founder of plixer. Plixer provides a network traffic analytics system that supports fast and efficient incident response. The solution allows you to gain visibility into cloud applications, security events and network traffic. It delivers actionable data to guide you from the detection of network and security events all the way to root cause analysis and mitigation.
  • TinyHome.io – The goal of this project is to build a fully functional, off-grid, smart tiny house on wheels. I write blogs related to research, the building process, and details of the home automation systems. I want to share my experience to help others fulfill their dreams of tiny house living.

Contacting Me and Social Media

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