Starting Something New and Exciting

Marc Bilodeau/ Self Help, Subjectivity

Starting something new can be exciting and a bit intimidating. First, your mind run rampant with excitement. A small inkling of interest grows into a spark of inspiration. Then motivation sets in and you decide to take the plunge.

You’re ready to take on the world and you begin your plan of attack to embark on your new journey. With your head swimming with ideas, all the “what-ifs” start to unfold. You question your abilities, start doubting yourself, and fear the unknown. You stop in your tracks. You’re stuck.

We’ve all been here before. We don’t like to fail, nor do we want to make mistakes. But mistakes are what makes us who we are, they shape us, and provide valuable wisdom and insight.

I dabble in many projects, and I make a lot of mistakes. But with each failure, I learn something new that helps me take on new ideas more easily and with confidence. I tell myself to “just go for it” and “why not just try it and see what happens”. The biggest regret is regretting not trying.

Learning by Doing

I use to work in a high-tech corporate environment where instructors would teach employees about the technology the company manufactured. I was fortunate enough to observe several instructors teach, and I came to the conclusion that there were two types of instructors.

The first instructor, the Academic, is book smart. They study the material, prepare the labs for the class, and learn the course material really well. They can speak about the concepts for hours, how the labs apply to the subject, and teach the necessary best practices.

The second instructor learns from experience. They did the same preparation as the other instructor, since it is their job to teach a course base on a set syllabus. However, their knowledge was largely won from living and breathing the course material from either a previous job or other role. They were hands on, and learned from doing before they were experts.

Both instructors are excellent teachers. However, I’ve always found the second more effective. Why? They have real world experience. This experience is gained from solving real problems and learning from those mistakes. Their knowledge isn’t limited to a finite set of parameters, or what is outlined in the course material. They incorporate experience into their teaching. This is the type of person I strive to be. A person who can share experiences and teach others from those experiences.

Starting a New Adventure

Once again I’m starting something different, a new epoch in my life. This time, it’s writing blogs. I expect to make mistakes, and I will take the time to learn from them. I’ll try different styles or concepts, some will work and some won’t. Anything worth doing takes time and effort, but it’s also important to enjoy every step along the way and have fun. You should never be afraid to try something new, because you may have fun and discover something about yourself you never knew was possible.