Marc Bilodeau/ Self Help

After exercising my right to vote, I went to the Maine Diner for breakfast.  As I scanned the menu, my eyes quickly located one of my normal breakfast choices. With that minor dilemma out of the way, I was ready to order, eat, and move on with my day.

But then, I realized that I always pick from the same handful of breakfast dishes. After a moment of self-reflection, I determined that I wasn’t helping myself explore new foods. I relied on tried-and-true past experiences without considering alternatives.

As I make an effort to be more mindful, I’m working on being in the present instead of relying solely on past experiences or worrying about the possible future outcomes from my choices. Acknowledging this mindset first and then putting it aside can lead to new and exciting experiences.

I looked at the menu again and after careful consideration chose something different, a breakfast burrito with salsa and sour cream.

The Life Lesson

The life lesson wasn’t because I ordered a breakfast burrito and chose outside my normal range of foods. The life lesson happened during the meal. I ate it more slowly and mindfully, savoring each bite while thinking about its taste, texture, and smell. I was engaged in conversation, enjoying my coffee, and was present in the moment.

If I’d chosen from my normal selections, I would have mindlessly ate my meal. I’d be absent from the moment, no awareness of the experience, and nothing memorable to reflect upon.

This moment is minor compared to the many decisions made daily. However, this same experience can be applied to other aspects of day-to-day life. The next time I’m faced with choices, I’ll remember the breakfast burrito. I’ll make an effort to reflect more on my options, and be aware of myself and how I feel. I’ll accept these feelings without judging whether they are right or wrong, and then make an appropriate decision.

I frequently rely on tried-and-true past experiences which certainly works well. However, I never know what opportunities I may miss by not taking a few more moments to self-reflect on the here and now. Thank you, breakfast burrito. Your brief but memorable moment has taught me a valuable life lesson, changing me for the better, and making a lasting impression.