A Personal Mission Statement

Marc Bilodeau/ Core Beliefs, Self Help, Subjectivity

A mission statement describes the purpose of an organization, and why it exists. More specifically, it answers three important questions. WHO the organization serves, WHAT kind of things it does, and HOW it does it.

Every organization should have a mission statement. Not only to define itself, but serve as the basis for creating and managing an effective business plan. Additionally, it keeps the organization focused on its purpose and objectives. Once a mission statement is defined, the organization conducts its daily activities accordingly.

At the time of this writing, Tesla is well known for its cars, solar panels, and lithium batteries. However, solar panels, batteries, and cars are different industries. So why does Tesla do business in each of these markets? Tesla operates according to its mission.

“Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.”

This is why Tesla aggressively develops technologies and sells products in the automobile and solar energy markets. Developing electric cars and harnessing solar energy are two of the many objectives that align with Tesla’s Mission.

A Personal Mission Statement

What if we have our own personal mission statement. Like Tesla, it could provide focus and direction in everyday life. Perhaps you are already living by a mission statement that simply hasn’t been put into words. However, putting the right one together can take time and a lot of self-reflection.

Where does one start? Begin by identifying your core beliefs and personal values. These guide our internal compass and influence our day-to-day decisions both directly and indirectly. It is helpful to keep notes or a journal. This can reveal common patterns to your behavior, motivations, and decision making. These details may provide clues when writing your personal mission statement.

Incidentally, other people can be instrumental when we want to know more about ourselves. Many times we are unaware of our behaviors. Yet, others can easily pick up on these details and provide valuable feedback. In fact, most corporate mission statement are often created from a group effort.

However, a mission statement isn’t permanent. Many organizations go through fundamental changes throughout their existence. Therefore, it becomes necessary to revisit and redefine their mission. People also go through profound changes during their lives. For this reason, you may have to redefine yourself and your mission.

My Personal Mission Statement

Continuously learn and explore;
Create something new;
Always improve myself;
Eliminate excess in my life;
Be my best at what I do;
Share what I know;

Does this really represent my mission? Let’s examine this blog as an example. I created this site with the goal to become a better writer. It allows me to learn something new and explore different ideas. I’m always looking to minimize, improve processes, and streamline decision making. And if I find the outcome worthy, I’ll share what I’ve learned with others.

My personal mission statement is the ground work of how I operate. It influences how I embark on any new endeavor, make life changing decisions, or what I choose to do in my spare time.


A mission statement provides a clear and concise message that defines the purpose of an organization. However, this important business tool can apply to individuals. While we go about our daily lives according to our core beliefs and personal values, a personal mission statement can provide a clear and concise path to guide us along the way.