The Commodore 64: 25 Years Later

Marc Bilodeau/ Commodore 64

When I was 8 in 1984, my father brought home the original breadbin Commodore 64. Even from an early age, I started to teach myself BASIC by typing out programs from the RUN and Family Computing Magazines of the day. This is when my love of computers began which ultimately led to the co-founding of my company. Unfortunately, my original Commodore 64 died in the mid 80s. Thankfully, I got a

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How Do You Invest In Yourself?

Marc Bilodeau/ Self Help, Subjectivity

I am a huge advocate of personal growth. In fact, part of my ethos is to continuously improve. However, it occurs to me that without direction and purpose, learning and experiences are just passing joys, good stories, and worthwhile memories. Although there isn’t anything wrong with that per se, it doesn’t really invest in our life objectives. Personal endeavors and core values are important, but investing our free time properly is

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What I’ve Learned From Owning a Company

Marc Bilodeau/ Bucket List, Core Beliefs, Self Help, Subjectivity

I, like many other ambitious entrepreneurs, ventured forth to seek fortune and glory in the game of capitalism. Although, the entire journey of owning a company changes you, and not all changes are good. Regardless, everyone’s experiences from owning a company will be unique. You certainly grow as a person from the whole endeavor no matter what happens to the business. I first thought about owning my own company towards the

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Learning seems easy, but it’s harder than you think

Marc Bilodeau/ Core Beliefs, Self Help, Subjectivity

Learning is fun. It’s one of my core beliefs that the meaning of life is to learn from the human experience and to share those experiences with others. In fact, it’s part of my personal mission statement. As I grow older, I’ve come to appreciate the accessibility of today’s world. It’s amazing how easy I can learn about anything I want. No matter what it is, there are infinite possibilities available

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The Joys of Mowing the Lawn

Marc Bilodeau/ Core Beliefs, Health, Subjectivity

Once again, it’s May in Maine. The snow is nowhere in sight, the days are getting longer, and the weather is warming. It’s a great feeling as green leaves and grass make their annual appearance. Consequently, this means the chore of mowing the lawn is part of my weekly ritual until late October. A grueling two and a half hour process of pushing the lawnmower around, while the afternoon sun beams

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The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

Marc Bilodeau/ Bucket List, Subjectivity

I like anything about space and astronomy. Stargazing, telescopes, comets, and meteor showers always pique my interest. Although I’ve seen a lot of the night sky, the one event that I’ve been waiting to experience is a total solar eclipse. The last total solar eclipse within the United States was in 1979. Needless to say, the chances to see such a sight are rare. As a complex and scientifically calculated trajectory would

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