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My Google Pixel XL is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ September 23, 2017/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

The Google Pixel XL is the third smartphone to be my primary PC quite by happenstance. After updating to the August Security Patch, my Google Nexus 6P fell victim to the boot loop issue. This is when the Google Nexus 6P boots, but never gets past the Google Logo. The Android boot animation doesn’t shows up, and then the smartphone

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Termux, the best linux terminal for Android

Marc Bilodeau/ March 18, 2017/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

I’m a huge proponent of digital minimalism. It’s one of my long term goals to have all my tech gear within a single device. Fortunately, I accomplished this feat reasonably well using a Samsung Galaxy S4, then the Google Nexus 6P, and now the Google Pixel XL. However, once I found Termux it took my Smartphone Computing to a whole new level. It’s certainly been

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My Google Nexus 6P is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ October 8, 2016/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

After three years of successfully using my Samsung Galaxy S4 as my PC, it was time to upgrade. To save everyone the suspense, I chose the Google Nexus 6P. Why Upgrade? I did not take this decision lightly since my Samsung Galaxy S4 already did an excellent job at my daily computing needs. Alas, as good as it was, there were a few issues

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My Samsung Galaxy S4 is my PC

Marc Bilodeau/ September 26, 2016/ Coder's Life, Minimalism

My Samsung Galaxy S4 is my PC, but this transition didn’t happen overnight. My journey began back in 2001. I remember sitting in my office dreaming of the day where my Motorola StarTAC mobile phone, Compaq Aero, office phone, and IBM ThinkPad were one handheld device. When I got my first smartphone in 2010, the Apple iPhone 3GS, I was hopeful that I could achieve my dream. I enthusiastically began to

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